The Times Atlas of London

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A few months back I had the honour of being asked to approve the use of a couple of excerpts from my London Surname Map in The Times Atlas of London. The wait was finally over last week when I received my copy in the post. It is a great book and an essential guide to the city. The Atlas begins with the first mapped representation of London in 1250 and covers a detailed history of London mapping that provides interesting context to both the development of the city and its mapping culture.

The Atlas includes detailed information on each of the London boroughs interspersed with great photos and fascinating insights into London life covering everything from its inhabitants (below) to football,

and public transport (below) through to London’s World Heritage Sites.

As you would expect from an atlas there are may detailed maps (see below) to break up the extensive commentary associated with the topics I mentioned above. I think the Atlas is brilliant book (not just because I’m in it!) and should make a great addition to the coffee table of fellow London map addicts.